About OakStar Bank

Experience. The Difference.

The goal of OakStar Bank is to serve the financial needs of our clients and our community. We achieve our goal by providing banking products and services of the highest quality, delivered in a professional and friendly manner, and focused on helping our clients continue to achieve their financial goals. By continually focusing on our commitment to our clients, we will strengthen and support the social and economic health and continued growth of our community.

Our philosophy starts with providing to our clients a team of professional, knowledgeable, and courteous individuals who are all highly experienced in all aspects of providing financial products and services. Our commitment to “Relationship Banking” is born out of our belief that communicating with our clients is the first step to helping them to continue to achieve financial success. At OakStar Bank, we believe our relationship with our client is the most important aspect of banking.

Our values are basic. We will achieve our client’s objectives and therefore our objectives by focusing on the values of: Integrity, Quality, Efficiency, and Responsiveness. Integrity in our interactions with all our clients, Quality in all our products, services, and in ourselves, Efficiency in the delivery of our products and services in order to provide value to our clients, and Responsiveness to our customer’s needs.